Not I'll Not

by horsebladder

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released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


horsebladder Oakland, California

Horsebladder is Elaine Kahn, a poet & musician currently living in Oakland, CA. Kahn uses minimalist loops & incantation to create primitive pop songs for the second body. Vocals range from ethereal to ragged, music is a corporeal daydream of night sweats & sad sex, laced with preconscious allusions to Dome, Two Daughters & Catullus. Previous releases on Yod Tapes & Night People. ... more

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Track Name: pioneer
we should move to wisconsin
heaven, mausoleum, ice
you won't to grow a mutant
i'll make your mutant rise

we should move to wisconsin
heavy mausoleum eyes
you want to be alone there
i'll cover up your eyes
Track Name: winter, worse winter
winter in my bed
winter in my head
Track Name: fountains
no you'll never be young again
some days you hear it
but then it's gone
and though you'll always be your mothers sun
no you'll never be young

you aren't looking but still you see
each day passes, won't let you be
green water growing moss, moss going bare
tricycle, bicycle, rocking chair

at first you're growing, but then you start to shrink
hand on my heart but, my face in the sink
oh all my angels, just let it go
times like a river, it's got river flow

the sky in your eyeballs, is going white
fight from your muscle is not as bright
the gray moon glitters your growing hair
time takes you nowhere
and then leaves you there
Track Name: lashe
tadpoles swim into you, they're on your face
piled on your body they leave no trace
they made soup out of your itch
they made you feel bad because of it

walk in a circle, and don't look back
walk in a circle, so you don't lose track

black tongues are reaching out, they're on your face
hands cuffed behind your back, you're never safe
they laid you down on the bed
they use teeth when they give you head

baby, now that i've found you i can't let you go
i've built my world around you
i need you so, baby, even though
you don't need me
Track Name: boys
i'm a boy
you're a boy
we couldn't stand to become men