by horsebladder

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2010 night people release


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


horsebladder Oakland, California

Horsebladder is Elaine Kahn, a poet & musician currently living in Oakland, CA. Kahn uses minimalist loops & incantation to create primitive pop songs for the second body. Vocals range from ethereal to ragged, music is a corporeal daydream of night sweats & sad sex, laced with preconscious allusions to Dome, Two Daughters & Catullus. Previous releases on Yod Tapes & Night People. ... more

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Track Name: losers
hold it down inside us
leave home
i'll go without you
Track Name: years & years
inside my head there's a finger of doubt
inside my mouth is the way to get out

its taken me years
to come clean

say you can take it
say you'll be strong
you find out later
that your body was wrong
Track Name: who doesn't lie
i fly to your fall
you don't see me
don't look at all

i fall and fail to say
must i lie so
that we might lay

you are part of me
you're the only thing i see

yellow in the gray
who doesn't lie
to have their way

you think i'm not awake
you're my only
home i hate

hands crawl in my eyes
they're on my thighs
i have no eyes

hungry i'm eating crow
spit the feathers
in the snow

underneath the taste
your lips are laying
me to waste

we are all the same
there's none of us left
it's all remains
Track Name: I'm so big
heavy night, empty day
take my hand as your own
wear me out
wear me down
find a home, find a hole

little feet cover ground
little hands make the bed
you can go
you can grow
you'll taste fine
in your head

body's pink at the seams
pretty girl, you better watch your step
you got big
your body shakes
think you're grown
you ain't grown yet

had enough time to think
in your bed back at home
had enough time to learn
you suck it down
your lips it burns

take my night, take my day
take my hair, all I own
you wore me down
you wore me out
you found my hole
you drove me home
Track Name: go away
if you are broken apart
please let me know, from the start
you don't have to tell me why you are
you just have to tell me that we can't go far
that's the way you are

i'll never go away
i'll never go away
at least not far away

unless you want me to